You can cancel an order. The system will automatically send a notification to the customer after an order has been cancelled or void.

There are two types of order cancellation, they are cancelling an "unpaid" order and cancelling a "paid" order. The following will explain the difference between the two and how to operate.

Cancelling an "unpaid" order

If the order status is "Pending Payment" and "Pending Payment Confirmation", this order is an "unpaid" order. Since the order has not been paid, no refund is required.

Open the order details, you can click "Cancel Order", and after the order is cancelled, the inventory of the products will be automatically added back.

Cancelling a "paid" order

If the order status is "Payment Success/Notified/All Shipped/All Delivered", this order is a "paid" order.

If you want to cancel an order after it is paid, you can change the order status to "VOID". After the order is VOID, the inventory of the products will not be added back.

Note: MyCart will not process refunds for VOID orders, all refund procedures are handled by the merchant.

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