MyCart is an online shop that combines website and instant messaging (Facebook Messenger) shopping carts.

Customers can browse the products on the website of the online store. When they see the products they like and add to the shopping cart, they will be directed into the Facebook Messenger for your Facebook page, allowing them to talk to the merchant and use the MyCart automatic shopping cart to place an order.

The homepage of the online store allows merchants to display products for customers to browse. The display of the homepage will be different according to the plan you subscribe to (Free or Pro Plan).

Free Plan

The homepage of a Free plan shop will display all the products that are public, sorted according to the order setting.


Pro Plan

The homepage of a Pro plan shop is customized by the merchants themselves, they can feature the popular collection on the homepage.


The following will show you how to set up:

1. You can find the homepage settings in "Shop Settings"

2. Select the collection you want to display from "Product Collection". If there is no collection in your shop, please refer to the tutorial on Product Collection.

Note: If you have not set any collections, the homepage will display all the products just like the Free plan.

3. You can choose to display the collection as a "Banner" or "Product Grid", and drag to re-order the collection.

Note: The same collection can appear multiple times on the shop homepage

4. After finishing the layout, click the shop link to view the homepage

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