When the number of products your shop offers increases, it will eventually become harder for customers to locate the products they are looking for. You can opt to divide the products into different categories with the “Product Collections” function in order to optimize your customers’ shopping experience.

Note: This function is only available to those who subscribed to the Pro Plan.

1. On the “Product” page, click on "Product Collections”.

2. Click on the “+ ADD” button to add a new product collection.

Note: The same product can be added to multiple product collections.

3. New product collections will be displayed in the Collections List as shown below. You can use the action buttons to:

When the cursor is placed on any product collection as shown, the “Move” icon will appear. Click to drag and re-order the collections.

4. After adding a new collection, you can start presenting the collection on your Facebook Messenger’s MyCart Shop. This can be done by clicking the “Display on Messenger menu”.

5. Your MyCart Shop’s main catalog will now be sorted by collections as defined earlier.

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