You can see your new online shop as a store that just opened around the corner and is completely unknown to people, thus your foremost task is to increase the number of views.

When you first established your online shop, we suggest that you use the following free-of-charge methods to bring in traffic to your online shop:

  • Share your online shop on your social media accounts such as Facebook, Instagram, Wechat, etc.
  • Share your online product/shop link with family and friends.
  • Publish your product/shop link on social media groups catering similar interests.
  • Get any KOL friends you have to help share your online shop so as to increase exposure.

To assist you with that, MyCart has launched MyCart Marketplace to help you attract traffic at the stage of your online shop establishment, and aims to increase the number of page views of your MyCart Shop.

What is MyCart Marketplace?

Marketplace is a Facebook page operated by MyCart to share various products sold by MyCart Shops.

By highlighting the uniqueness of each product, customers will be pulled into Marketplace and then channelled into all MyCart Shops.

Note: The Marketplace page will not make any sale or take any commission. All product views will be redirected to your MyCart Shop.

Accessing MyCart Marketplace

How do I post products on MyCart Marketplace?

Pro Plan subscribers can post their products to Marketplace 4 times a month without any additional fee.

In order to let you experience the amazing service that Marketplace can provide, all new MyCart Shop owners can post their products twice on Marketplace during the 14-day trial period.

1. Click “Marketplace” from the left menu, and then select “Publish Product”.

2. Select up to 4 products to post on Marketplace. You can then write the corresponding contents for the posts and customize the pictures, titles, buttons, etc.

To improve the effectiveness of Marketplace, product links will be automatically embedded in the pictures so when a customer clicks on any picture on a post, he/she will be directed to your MyCart Shop.

3. You have the option to check the effectiveness of the your post by referring to “Post Records”. It will offer you information such as the number of views, the number of interactions, and the number of times the post has led customers to your online shop. You can make use of those data to refine your next post and seek for better results.

You can also check your remaining Marketplace monthly quota here.

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