When creating your MyCart Shop, you can select a default language for your shop, and then add other language options to your shop interface.

The languages currently provided by MyCart are Traditional Chinese and English. We will expand the number of languages supported by MyCart in the future.

Note: Order confirmation emails will only be issued in the default language therefore we recommend you to set English as the default language if your customer base contains non-Chinese readers.

1. To add another language option for your online shop, input it under “Select Additional Language” and click the “Update” button.

2. Once the update is done, you can switch languages by using the language button on the upper right as shown in the screenshot below.

3. You are required to update the following information in the newly added language:

  • Product Details
  • Shipping Method
  • Payment Method
  • General Notice for Customers (under the Product Details section)

Note: The default language is required whereas additional languages are optional. If you do not include any information in other languages, the system will automatically display the information in your default language.

For example, if you defined a payment method in your default language (Chinese) and didn’t update the payment method in English, the payment method will be displayed in Chinese even when English is selected as the interface language.

The fields that need to be configured in the new language include Product Name / Description / Variants / Product Customization Requests (if any).

You are also required to configure the shipping methods (Display Name and Shipping Instructions) in the new language.

In addition to the shipping methods, the payment methods (Display Name and Instructions) will also have to be added in the new language.

General Notice for Customers

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