There might be several reasons why your MyCart Shop is not operating properly. This article will guide you to solve some of the most common problems you may encounter.

1. MyCart is not connected to a Facebook Page

The most common reason for MyCart not to work is when it is no longer connected to your Facebook Page. This may be due to a change in the Facebook account password or to the fact that your Facebook page has been unlisted, thus causing the Facebook connection to be broken.

You can check the status of you Facebook connection in the Shop settings page. If the connection has somehow been interrupted, please proceed to reconnect and the problem will be solved.

2. Data has been overridden by other chatbot programs.

MyCart is a chatbot program similar to Chatfuel, Chatisfy and ManyChat.

If you connect other chatbot programs to or remove them from your Facebook page after installing MyCart, that may affect the proper operation of MyCart.

You can disconnect Facebook in the Shop settings page, and then reconnect to the Facebook page once again. This should solve the problem and restore your previous status.

Don't worry, the action of disconnecting will not delete anything from your online shop. The products/ orders details and predefined settings will not be affected.

If you still encounter any problem after trying the above methods, please contact MyCart Customer Service and we will be happy to help you.

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