The Facebook shop allows you to display products to Facebook users and place Facebook dynamic ads.

Facebook Shop Example

After connecting the MyCart products information with your Facebook shop catalog, when you add a product in MyCart shop,  it will be automatically updated to your Facebook shop as well.

This guide is for Facebook Business Manager users only. If you are using a personal account, please see another guide.

//// The following actions can only be performed on the computer /////

1. Go to the Business Manager admin panel, scroll down to the bottom of the menu and click "Catalog Manager"

2. Create a new catalog

Choose "E-commerce

Select "Upload Product Info", catalog owner and name the catalog

Note: The catalog and Facebook page should be in the same Business Manager

3. After the catalog is created, click "Add Items" to start the connecting steps

Select "Use Bulk Upload"

4. Now you start to integrate the products data from MyCart to Facebook, select "Scheduled feed"

Paste the product data URL, which can be found in the MyCart admin portal under "Facebook Catalog"

Schedule the update as "Daily"

Name the data source as MyCart and select the currency of the shop, then you can start uploading the product information

6. It takes a few minutes to upload the product. After the upload is completed, you will find the products uploaded in "Products"

7. After the products are uploaded, you can connect the catalog to the Facebook page. Click "Sales" and select "Connect Page"

Note: you can only connect the catalog to a Facebook page which is in the same Business Manager 

Choose the Facebook page that you want to connect with and select the shop currency.

7. Since Facebook needs to approve whether the product complies with its policy, it will take some time for the products to appear on the Facebook shop.

If some products cannot be displayed in the Facebook shop, it is because Facebook has not approved the product, you can click "Issues" to view the reject details and submit an appeal application.

When you added new products to your MyCart shop, the products will be updated in the Facebook shop as well and no additional setup is required. 

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