Many MyCart Shops rely on Facebook as a platform for attracting customers and promoting products. To make it easier for you to advertise your products on Facebook, MyCart allows you to post directly on your Facebook page whenever you add a new product to MyCart. This saves you from having to login to Facebook and create another post for to advertise it.

How is it different from posting directly on Facebook?

Ordinary Facebook posts only allow customers to browse on Facebook and does not have the ability to follow up with customers or line the customer up for a sale.

MyCart deals with this incompetency by embedding a product link to the post. When the customer clicks on the picture in the post to view details of a particular product, they will be directed to your MyCart Shop. This will greatly increase the chance of a sale by:

  • Streamlining the process and allowing customers to have a one-stop-shop experience.
  • Allowing customers to browse other products in your MyCart Shop.
  • Allowing the owner to take the initiative to contact customers to provide assistance, give out promo codes, etc.

1. Click “Share” on the Product page as shown below.

2. The Share window will pop up, select “Share to Facebook page”

3. Choose the type of post. The product title and picture will be embedded automatically into the post.

Link Post: The default product picture will be used

Carousel Post: The first 5 product pictures will be used

Note: If you need to change the picture of a product, you will need to go back to the product page to change it.

4. You can use the default description or customize/change it here. Once done, click on “SHARE".

5. After the SHARE button is pressed, the post will appear on your page

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