Active users are those who interact with MyCart shopping cart such as adding products to shopping cart, placing an order, clicking a button or sending a message. 

If the user just browses the products on the shop website and didn't use the shopping cart function in the Facebook Messenger, it is NOT counted as an active user.

MyCart automatically selects a tier based on the number of your active users. The fee will be charged at the end of each billing period. The number of active users in each payment period will be reset so you only pay for what you use.

For example, if your shop had 450 active users in the last period so the tier will be at 500 and HKD273 will be charged.

The active user count will be reset to 0 moving into the next month. And if there are only 150 active users accumulated in the next month, a fee of HKD156 will be charged. 

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