“Product Keyword” is a unique functionality in MyCart. It allows you and your customer to send out product details to each others during an instant messaging session. This functionality can serve as a means to advertise your products and increase the chance of an order being placed.

It mimics what happens at a physical store, once you get to know what the customer’s needs are, you can recommend appropriate products to him/her.

1. On the “Product List”, click the green arrow as shown below (share button).

2. In the share item option, choose “Product Keyword" and copy

3. Go back to your Facebook Messenger and paste the “Product Keyword”.

4. After pasting the “Product Keyword”, MyCart will automatically send the corresponding product details to the customer.

Note: “Product keyword” is only valid and can only be pasted on Facebook Messenger. This functionality does not work on other instant messaging platforms.

In addition to that, MyCart conveniently provides keywords which have been preset in the system. These keywords correspond to the buttons at the bottom of MyCart:

  • mycart.tags → "🏷️ Price Tags”. This will send out the product catalog.
  • mycart.cart → "🛒 My Cart”. This will send out the products that are currently in the customer's shopping cart.
  • mycart.receipts → "🛍️ Receipts”. This will send out the customer's purchase record.

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