Have you encountered this situation where after putting up a post on Facebook, there are numerous messages like "$?", "How much?", "How to buy?" or other similar mundane queries?

You then have to keep tracking these messages and ensure you reply to them in a timely basis.

MyCart's Comments Responder functionality helps you save time by replying to these types of messages on your behalf. You can preset a number of replies and according to some predefined conditions and keywords, get MyCart to reply to them for you.

This “customer service assistant” works 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, meaning that you will never miss a message ever again.

In addition to replying to customers’ messages, the automation can be customised to send product details to customers in the form of private messages via Messenger, allowing customers to instantly get the product details they’re looking for and complete the purchase, without having to even wait for your response.


For the Comments Responder functionality to work, you must first grant MyCart the required Facebook permission. If you encounter the error shown, please contact the shop admin who connected MyCart to the Facebook page to authorize the permission.

If you don't know who connected MyCart to the Facebook page, you can check it on the "Team" page.

How to:

1. Go to the “Comments Responder” tab under the “Growth” menu.

2. Click the “+ADD” button.

3. First, select the Facebook post. You can either choose it from the list or enter the post ID to search for the post you are looking for, then fill in the information requested on the pop-up screen.

4. Input the content of the message.

5. Define the content of the private message. You can include texts, product descriptions, an entire price list or even a promo code.

6. Once done, the record will be added to the list and you can edit, delete or move it anytime.

Note: You can set up multiple automatic replies, based on different conditions or keywords.

If a post has more than one predefined automatic Comments Responders, the one at the top will be executed first.

A note on shared posts

If you set an automatic Comments Responder for Post A, and then share Post A, the resulting post will be a new post (Post B). In this case, the automatic Comments Responder which has been set for Post A will not be applied to Post B. You will need to set up a new one for Post B.

Also note that automatic Comments Responder can only be set for the Facebook pages that are connected to MyCart. So, if Post B is being shared on another page or Facebook group, the automatic Comments Responder will not be effected.

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