In order for you to process orders in a timely manner, you can opt to receive order notifications from MyCart once an order is placed or when a payment receipt is uploaded by a customer.

When your online shop acquires more traffic and customers, incoming Facebook queries will also increase exponentially. So as not to miss any of these and to provide excellent customer experience, you can enable message notification to help you out. MyCart will then notify you whenever there is a comment or a query.

Moreover, to allow you to focus your time on more important messages, the system will automatically filter out messages that do not need any follow-up, for example, messages like hello and thank you, or emoji messages.

You will start receiving orders and customer queries notification after enabling the notification settings on MyCart. The notifications will be sent directly to your Facebook Messenger account.

Note: The notification function is specific and unique to each account meaning that it only applies to the account whereby the function is enabled. If any other account requires this function, it has to be enabled in that respective account.

1. Click Messages under the Notify menu.

2. Note that the notification will be linked to the Facebook Messenger account you are currently logged in to. Please ensure that you are logged in to the right account before clicking “Enable Notification”.

You will be directed to MyCart and will receive a message notifying you that activation has been successful.

3. Back to the admin portal, the notification has been successfully enabled.

Note: The message notification function is only available to those who subscribed to the Pro Plan.


If you are not receiving any notification in your Facebook Messenger account after activation, you can click the “Reset” button as shown below, to once again set the notification function for your desired Facebook account.

Note: Please ensure you are logged in to your chosen Facebook Messenger account before resetting.

About Customer Queries Notification

Due to restrictions and policies within Facebook, you must have used your MyCart store (e.g. inputting text or clicking buttons) in the past 24 hours in order to receive notification messages.

Therefore, we have added the "Extend Notification for 24 hrs" button to each message notification. Please click this button each time you receive a notification to ensure Facebook logs an interaction with your online store and allows notifications to be received.

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