If a customer opts for "Pay on site”, "Bank Transfer" or “QR Code Payment" when placing an order, the system will recognise that payment is outstanding and sets the status to “Pending Payment”.

At this point, you will have to wait for the customer to complete the payment and upload the receipt. You can view all the orders which are pending for payment on the “Order” page.

When a customer uploads the receipt for an order, the system will notify you via MyCart. You will then be able to view the receipt on the Order page.

If the customer directly send you the receipt but didn't upload it via the shopping cart, you can click the receipt button to upload on behalf of the customer.

After vetting the receipt and acknowledging the customer's payment, you can update the status of the order to “Payment Success”. The system will then issue and send an official confirmation email to the customer.

Wherever and whenever necessary, you can cancel an order if the payment has not been made or is long overdue.

Once an order is cancelled, the system will automatically notify the customer.

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