Connect your newly created online shop to your Facebook page. The online shop will ride-on and operate on the corresponding Facebook Messenger account.

Step 1 - Going to the Setup page

Step 2 - Granting authorisation to MyCart

MyCart requires authorization from your Facebook account in order to work on your Facebook Messenger.

MyCart will adhere to the following terms and conditions:

  • MyCart will not check any incoming message
  • MyCart will not modify anything on your Facebook page
  • MyCart will not disclose the content of your Facebook page to any third party

Once you click “Continue with Facebook”, you will be directed to the Facebook site for the authorization process. You must follow the instructions and complete all the steps in order for MyCart to function properly.

Step 3 - Linking to a Facebook page

Once the authorization process has been completed, you will be directed back to MyCart. Here, you can select the Facebook page you want to connect to.

Note: If your required Facebook page does not appear in the list, please click here to troubleshoot.

Disconnecting from a Facebook page

You have the option to disconnect MyCart from the current Facebook page and connect it to another page at any time as shown in the screenshot below.

Once you have completed all the above settings, your MyCart Shop is ready to welcome your first customer, to start marketing and selling your products. Congratulations!

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