Select payment methods for customers to choose from when they make a purchase. MyCart offers options such as credit card payment, bank transfer and pay upon pick-up.

Step 1 - Going to the Setup page

Step 2 - Adding a payment method

Click the “+ ADD" button at the upper right corner. MyCart provides four payment methods:

  • Credit card (As this is supported by a third-party platform “Stripe”, you are required to apply for a Stripe account prior to offering this option in your online shop - see detailed instructions)
  • Bank transfer (Bank account details have to be provided to enable customers to do transfers. Customers can upload their transfer receipt for verification purposes)
  • Pay on site / Pay upon pick-up (Customers are not required to pay when the order is placed, payment will be done at the time of pick-up)
  • QR Code Payment (e.g. Payme and WeChat Pay. A QR code has to be provided to enable customers to scan and pay. Customers can upload the payment confirmation after the transfer for verification purposes.)

Note: Please refer to this link for the list of regions/countries supported by Stripe: Bank accounts in Macau and Taiwan are not eligible to register for Stripe accounts.

Step 3 - Customising a payment method

You can customise the Display Name and Payment Instructions for each payment method, to provide the most relevant information to your customers and enable them to choose the best payment method for their purchase.

Step 4 - Editing and Deleting

Once the above is done, your new payment method will be displayed in the list.

You can use the action buttons as shown in the screenshot below to:

  • Edit
  • Enable/Disable
  • Delete

When the cursor is placed on any payment option as shown, the Move button will appear. Click to drag and re-order the payment options.

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