Step 1 - Going to the Setup page

Step 2 - Adding your product details

Click the “+ ADD" button at the upper right corner to create a new product.

Step 3 - Filling in your product details

The following product details are required for each item:

  • Product Name
  • Product Description
  • Product Images (you can add a maximum of 9 photos, not greater than 5MB each)
  • Variants / Product Specifications (For example, if the product is available in more than one style / size / color, you can specify it here)
  • Price / Discounted Price
  • Inventory

In the Product Summary, in addition to the textual description, you can also add photos, videos and links to enhance the attractiveness of any particular product.

Troubleshooting for phone users:

If there is no response after clicking Add Photos, please check your browser setting to ensure photo album access is enabled.

Step 4 - Editing, Sharing and Deleting

Once this set up is complete, your new product will appear in the list.

You can use the action buttons as shown in the screenshot below to:

  • Edit
  • Share
  • Delete

When the cursor is placed on the product as shown, the Move button will appear. Click to drag and re-order the products.

You also have the option to change the status of any product in the list:

  • Available: The product is available and will be displayed in the online shop. The product can be added to the customer’s cart and can be purchased.
  • Available (Hidden): The product is available, but it will not be shown in the online shop. The product can only be accessed and purchased via a Facebook / product link.
  • Not Available: The product will not be displayed in the online shop and cannot be purchased. This option can be used for out-of-stock items.

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