Configure Shipping Method options for customers to choose from for their purchase. MyCart provides options such as by post, self-pickup at a specific location, and S.F. Store pick-up.

Step 1 - Going to the Setup page

Step 2 - Adding a new Shipping Method

Click the “+ ADD" button at the upper right corner. MyCart provides the following shipping methods:

  • By Post (Customers are required to fill in their mailing addresses when placing an order)
  • Pick up at Location (Customers are not required to provide any address but pick up the goods at the designated place)
  • Pick up at any S.F. Store (provide a list of S.F. stores for customers to select)
  • Pick up at any EF Locker (provide a list of EF Lockers for customers to select)
  • Pick up at any Alfred/4PX Smart Locker or Alfred Point Pick Up (provide a list of Alfred self pickup locations for customers to select

Step 3 - Customising a shipping method

You can customise the Display Name, Shipping Instructions and Shipping Fee fields, to provide the most relevant information to your customers and enable them to choose the best shipping method for their purchases.

How to add a free shipping option?

Step 4 - Editing and Deleting

Once complete, your new shipping method will be displayed in the list. You can use the action buttons as shown in the screenshot below to:

  • Edit
  • Enable or disable
  • Delete

When the cursor is placed on the shipping method as shown, the Move button will appear. Click to drag and re-order the shipping methods as per your preference.

Customers will be required to choose the appropriate shipping method when they check out. Once the order has been successfully placed, the order record will register the chosen pick-up method.

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