***To ensure that you can view the instructions properly, we suggest you to create and configure MyCart on your computer***

Step 1 - Registering and Logging in for the first time

Go to https://app.mycart.ai/admin/signup.

On MyCart Registration page, register and log in with your Facebook account and password.

Note: As MyCart operates and relies on Facebook Messenger, only a Facebook account will be accepted for registration.

If you are not logged on to your Facebook account on the device/browser, you will be asked to login to your Facebook account first.

Step 2 - Creating MyCart

After successful log in, you can add a new MyCart to your account. Since you can add multiple MyCarts to a single account, we recommend that you first create one for testing purposes.

When all the Basic Information has been filled, your MyCart creation is complete.

Note: MyCart's region and transaction currency cannot be changed once they have been selected in the initial MyCart set up.

Step 3 - Completion

Now that your initial MyCart has been successfully established, you can follow the instructions on subsequent help pages to complete the set up.

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