After creating your MyCart Shop, you will always hope for orders to come in and bring revenue. But the fact is, you will need to spend time and efforts to promote your new shop to get people to know you and start buying from you.

This is the one of the first and foremost steps when it comes to operating an online shop. No matter how good your products are, if no one knows about your shop, the reality is you will not get anything sold.

Luckily, there are currently many channels available for you to increase your shop and product exposures, especially by making use of social media platforms.

You can create customized product links and QR codes for all the products you place on MyCart, and post them on various social media platforms or circulate to friends.

1. On the “Update Product” page, insert the customised link in the “Product Customizable Short Link” field

2. Go back to the “Product List” page and click the green arrow as shown below (share button).

3. The option to share the product will pop up at the bottom. Choose your preferred method of sharing your product details.

4. After copying the product link, you can share the link with your friends or on your social media platforms (such as Whatsapp / WeChat / Facebook community, etc.).

The product description and picture will be embedded in the shared link and your customer will be redirected to MyCart to view the products once they click on the product in the post.

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