The main difference between MyCart and traditional online shops is that MyCart is built upon the instant messaging application, Facebook Messenger, which means that once a customer contacts you or purchases from you, you will know who he/she is and is able to automatically capture the record into your database.

You can use the post-purchase message functionality to send order-related mass messages to customers.

Note: The message must comply with Facebook's "Messenger Platform Policy". Merchants can only send post-purchase update that does not contain any promotional content to customers. In case of violation of the policy, Facebook may temporarily or permanently disable the messaging function of the page.

How to send a mass message

1. On MyCart page, go to the “Post-purchase Messages" tab from the "Growth" menu

2. Complete the requested details such as message title and content.

Note: When customers click on the message, they will be directed to the product price list. We recommend you to check and ensure the product details are accurate before sending any mass message.

3. You can instantly preview your message on the right.

4. After completing the details, click “Send".

The system will proceed to send the message. Note that the time required is proportional to the number of people the message is sent to. Please allow the system some time to process.

5. Once the message is sent, it will appear in the sent box on your Facebook management page.


We recommend you to make good use of this functionality to only send order-related messages to customers, to reduce the risk of Facebook blocking your messages.

In order to avoid abuse of this functionality, an “unsubscribe" option is attached to every message sent. If the receiver opts for that, the system will block all messages from you. It is therefore a good practice to avoid sending messages too frequently.

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