When a customer places an order via MyCart, he/she will receive a QR Code for that particular order.

You can use the “QR Code Web Scanner” function to confirm that a customer has picked up an order. The system will automatically update the order status and send a notification to the customer.

1. Customers are required to present their QR Codes at the time of order pick-up.

How to locate a QR Code:

Customers can refer to “🛍 Receipts” in their Facebook Messenger accounts or to their order confirmation emails for the order QR code.

2. 2. Shop assistants can use their mobile phones/tablets to log in to MyCart, then select “QR Code Web Scanner”.

Note: MyCart QR Codes cannot be scanned by using other QR Code scanners. Please create Shop Assistant accounts for staff who are required to use the “QR Code Web Scanner" function.

3. The order details will be displayed once the QR code is scanned. You have the options to choose between “Partially Redeem” or “Redeem All”.

Partially Redeem: When a customer only collects part of an order and picks up the remaining items at a later date.

Redeem All: When there is only one item in the order or when the customer collects all the items in an order.

Note: The order status will automatically be changed to “Payment Success” after the QR Code has been scanned, therefore please ensure that the customer settles the payment before collecting the order.

4. After collecting the order, the customer will receive a confirmation message on his/her Facebook Messenger.

Details can be found under “🛍 Receipts”.

5. The pick-up status will automatically be updated in the Order Log by the system.

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