You can use Promo codes to design different promotional strategies. According to in-depth customer psychology researches, Promo codes are very effective in gaining sales and in building a good brand identity - compared to traditional direct discounts on products.

There are 2 types of Promo code available on MyCart:

  • Single Promo Code: A static code that can be utilized more than once
  • Promo Code Rules: Using rules to generate a set of one-off promo codes.


  1. The entire shop is up for a 5% off discount and customers can use the 5% off promo code to get a discount when purchasing. Then you will only have to add a static coupon code that can be used multiple times by all customers.
  2. You want to give rebates to customers who made purchases earlier. After each purchase, a customer gets a $50 discount for the next purchase. For this scenario, you can add a Promo Code rule to generate single-use coupon codes whenever the condition is satisfied.


The Single Promo code is suitable when you need to give a general discount to everyone, and there is no limit as to the number of times it can be used. If you want to give a private/ one-off discount to a loyal customer, then it will be better to use the Promo Code Rule functionality. You only have to set the conditions once, and the system will generate a single-use coupon code whenever the condition is met.

How to:

1. On the “Promo Code” page, click “+ADD” button

2. Choose between Single Promo Code or Promo Code Rules

3. After selecting the type of promotion offered, complete the requested details.

4. You can use the action buttons to edit or deactivate the Promo Code anytime.

Note: Once the Promo Code is created, only the Promo Code name and effective date can be modified.

5. After configuring the Promo Code rules, you can click the blue button to manage and generate Promo codes

Click “+Create Single Promo Code” to add a new Promo code.

How to use Promo codes?

Customers can insert Promo codes at checkout to receive discounts on their order. Only one promo code can be used for each order.

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