If you happen to be a one-man-band business, then there must be numerous duties that you are performing concurrently - sourcing, promotion, sales, delivery and customer servicing. Therefore you will definitely not have the time to follow up with each and every customer who browses your online shop.

MyCart’s automated promotional messages can help you here. When a customer browses your online shop, the system will automatically track his path and send reminders/ promotional codes to prompt him/her to place an order.

How does it work?

  • A customer browses products in your online shop.
  • The system will automatically send a message to the customer after 30 minutes, to encourage him/her to add products to the shopping cart.
  • The customer adds the products into the shopping cart.
  • If a customer does not confirm his/her order, then on the following day, the system will send a reminder message with a promo code to to prompt him/her to checkout and purchase.
  • A customer who places an order will receive a one-off promo code for the next purchase. This will increase the chance of attracting repeat customers.

How to:

It is very easy to set up the automated promotion message functionality. You can enable the “Add to Cart Reminder” , “Recover Abandoned Cart Reminder” and “Incentivized Return Purchases” according to the instructions below.

Note: The three automated promotion messages can be set independently according to your needs. You do not have to use all of them.

1. Go to the “Auto Promotion Messages” tab under the “Growth” menu.

2. Turn on "Add shopping cart reminder", "Recover Abandoned Cart Reminder", and "Incentivized Return Purchases"

3. When setting the “Recover Abandoned Cart Reminder” and “Incentivized Return Purchases”, you are required to specify the Promo Code Rules.

Setting the Promo Code Rule

Once done, your MyCart will start sending out reminders and promo codes to customers based on their actions and your predefined settings.

Note: Automated messages will not be sent in the following situations:

  • The product viewed by the customer has been removed.
  • The customer has recently received similar messages.
  • The customer has recently placed an order.
  • There is no promo code to send.
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