On the “Order” page, you can view order details such as items purchased, order status, and customer information. You can update the order status and the shopping cart will automatically send notifications to the relevant customers.

Order enquiry

On the “Order” page, you can click the buttons as shown below to view the order details.

All information including product and customer details, are available on the order details page. You can refer to the order record for the order history and status, shipping records or any special notes for that particular order.

Updating the order status

Once you update an order status, the shopping cart will automatically send a notification to the relevant customer.

Pending Payment: This status indicates that the customer opted for payment methods such as "Bank Transfer" or “Scan and Pay" but has not yet uploaded the required payment receipt.

Pending Payment Confirmation: This status indicates that the customer has uploaded the payment receipt and it is waiting for your verification. Once you have vetted the receipt, you can change the order status to “Payment Success”.

Payment Success: This status indicates that either the order has been paid online by credit card or that the payment receipt has been vetted and confirmed by you.

Notified: You can send a text message to the customer via the shopping cart to notify the customer about the order.

All Shipped/All Delivered: This status indicates that the products have been shipped or the customer has picked up his/her order.

Note: Once the order status has been changed, it cannot be reinstated.

Filtering orders

To facilitate order maintenance and review, you can filter by order status as shown in the screenshot below.

Tagging/Labelling order

You can add custom tags to any order to enable you to trace the order easily. To do this, move the cursor to the order number, the “Edit Tag” button will appear.

Once you have added custom tags, you can easily search for orders by using these identifiers.

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