We know that handling shipping costs is one of the most important logistics for any online shop and MyCart can definitely help simplify this task!

MyCart allows flexible options with regards to shipping fees. You can request for shipping fees from customers, waive it according to a specific order amount or just provide free shipping on all orders.

How to set shipping fee?

When configuring the shipping method, you can dedicate different shipping fees for each shipping method. When a customer selects the shipping method for his/her order, the respective shipping cost will be automatically added to the order and incorporated into the total amount for that particular order.

How to set shipping method options

Checkout Page

How to set a free shipping criteria?

1. After defining all the different shipping methods, click the “FREE SHIPPING” icon.

2. You can establish a variety of free shipping conditions according to the order amount and the shipping method.

There is also an option for you to enter details of a free shipping criteria in the description field. This will be shown on the checkout page to keep customers informed of any free shipping condition or promotion on shipping fees.

Note: The order amount refers to the net amount after deducting any applicable promo code.

3. The corresponding shipping discount will be effected and shown when the customer checks out.

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