Nowadays, many products provide customers with an option to customize them according to their wishes. For these orders, customers are required to supply information enabling the customization can be done.

Product Customization Requests settings can be configured in MyCart.

You can preset some questions and request for specific information to be provided by the customer. Once the order is confirmed, the system will prompt the customer to fill in those details, which will then appear under Order details for your review.

The option to enter product customization requests into the system can reduce the time spent on communications, enable information to be collected more systematically, and avoid human errors.

1. Click Edit on the Product page as shown below.

2. Go to the bottom of the Product page, select “Collect Info with Text Prompt” or “Collect Info with External Forms”.

Collect Info with Text Prompt: this is suitable for products that only require minimal information (1-3 specifications), you can input the questions for the customers to answer with regards to the customization.

Collect Info with External Forms: this is suitable for complex customizations whereby a lot more information will be required from the customer. You will need to create a Google Form and insert the relevant link here.

3. Press UPDATE to confirm the changes.

4. Whenever a customer purchases a customizable product and makes the payment, the customer will be prompted to fill in the information relating to customization of the product. (If “Collect Info with External Forms” is selected, the customer will be given the link to the file)

👆Left: Instruction received by customer after purchase
👆Right: Customers click the button to fill in the information

5. After the customer inputs all required details, you will be able to view them on the Order Details page.

Note: If an external form is used, you will have to go back to the source form to extract the details (e.g. Google Forms).

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